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For your female employees

For your female employees

Our highly acclaimed programs deliver results which are second to none: 50% of women who work with us are promoted within 6 months, and our clients have had to lift their 5-year women in leadership targets after working with us for just 9 months.

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Four your leaders

For your leaders

We help your people leaders to GET gender diversity: to talk about it, call out behaviour, and OWN it. Then we give them the self-awareness and skills needed to create truly inclusive teams.

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Some of our delighted clients

Some of our delighted clients


Got an inkling that we can do great work together? Wonderful! So do we. Let’s get started with a coffee, or a tea, or wine... we’re not fussy.

  • Our organisation identified the need for a targeted leadership development program to address the specific issues that women leaders face. We partnered with Inkling to create our Women in Leadership program, which has been a huge success.

    Inkling's research based content, engaging facilitation skills and desire to see us succeed have helped make the program a real success for our organisation.

    Heidi Pointer
    Head of Learning and Organisational Development, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

  • Inkling Women helped me define what gave me fire in the morning and enabled me to action my dreams. I went from being extremely frustrated, to being delighted, happy and excited to go to work. I’m achieving more than I ever have, and I have an incredible amount of responsibility and feel like I’m flying.

    Senior Leader
    IT sector, Silicon Valley

  • I attribute so much of my peace, mindfulness and confidence to having Inkling Women in my life. Thank you.

    Westpac, Sydney

  • If you’re looking to make a real change; to grow and develop then this program will provide you with that opportunity. I loved every minute of the program. It was unique, it makes you look inside yourself to find your strengths, however deep they are hidden.

    Marney Leyonhjelm-Beck
    Nissan, Melbourne

  • Wow! This left me feeling like there are so many possibilities! An exceptionally powerful program and the best coaching I’ve ever experienced (and I have had a few).

    High potential leader
    AGL, Melbourne

  • Firstly huge thank you for everything!  I’m still trying to find the right words to convey what a difference I think the course made for me and will continue to make.  I think the closest I can come is to say that there are remarkable people in this world whose life work echoes throughout time and creates powerful change in other people’s lives.  This is what you do and I am so hugely grateful to you. 

    Felicity Henss
    QinetiQ, Brisbane

  • It has been a pleasure to work with the Inkling Women team to make a direct impact on our gender equity targets. We have partnered with Inkling Women over four years to run a women’s leadership development program for our highest potential female academic and professional staff. Their approach has been beneficial and impactful, both to the individuals and the organisation. We continue to invest in working with Inkling because of the results they deliver, and the true partnership we have developed, Inkling have enabled the university to really challenge its thought leadership in the gender space and to think creatively about how we might still increase our targets in the future.

    Tina Gevaux
    University of Adelaide

  • We choose to work with Inkling Women because of their extremely professional approach and their clear understanding of our needs. They have consistently delivered solutions to meet the differing needs and challenges we have put to them. We have partnered with Inkling Women over two years to run a women’s leadership development program for our high potential women and to work with our senior leaders to create an inclusive culture. The outcomes of this work has been to develop a group of high potential women with the confidence and capability to move into more senior roles. We also have a group of senior managers who are better educated and more aware of what needs to happen to attract, retain and develop more women within our business.

    Michael Raywood
    A.P. Eagers Ltd.